Chicka Chicka Boom Loom

About Chicka Chicka Boom Loom
Creator Irene Shere

At the age of 55 Irene bought a child's loom and taught herself to weave. She immediately fell in love with the rhythm and magic of creating wearable art. Within three months, Irene had woven sixty funky furry scarves, which she donated to a homeless shelter for teenage girls. The girls were overjoyed to wear them despite the Washington, DC, July weather. Irene soon graduated to a full-size loom.

She became inspired by a metallic kimono on display at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC, and began creating metallic "shawls for walls"-glittery textured shawls which are wall hangings when they are not gracing the shoulders of those who love them.

Irene also had a passion for combining vibrant colors and funky textures into beaded purses. For Irene, purses have always been special. Purses represent identity and containers for change and she knows she is undergoing a personal transformation when she has night dreams about purses or finds herself fantasizing about the perfect purse. Irene hopes that her purse creations bring beauty to your world and inspire you on your own journey of lush, abundant fun.

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